Who we are




Aura is an innovative startup company born out of the need to ensure better indoor environmental quality, starting with the quality of the air, in a sustainable way by helping to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Aura walls are designed to integrate with indoor spaces and provide occupants with various physical and psychological benefits, such as better air quality, interaction with plants and reduction of noise reflections. This solution is energy efficient and offers important prospects for reducing emissions from large buildings.


Aura aims to improve everyday spaces and harness the power of nature to breathe and live better.


Aura envisions a planet where cities and nature coexist and where people are better off and feel part of a natural ecosystem.

Our values

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It's time to respect the planet

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It's time to clean the air

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It's time to do the right thing

Aura contributes to several

Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations